Bad Tippers

Ever had those tables that take up your section, order a million waters and share 3 appys? Then don’t tip? I know tipping isn’t mandatory and should be based on service. But when I’m nothing but kind, don’t complain when I make separate trips for each of your 10 glasses of water and don’t complain that a table of 10 has a grand total of $29, I should get some compensation. That’s all I have to say.

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Valentine’s Day Massacre

This is a story of Valentines Day. Every server hates working Valentines Day because it’s usually couples who don’t normally go out going out for the sake of the holiday.

Last Valentines I served a young couple at a restaurant I was working at – more casual dining than anything. Apparently they had had a fight on the way to the restaurant because they were not speaking to each other. As the server, I feel it’s my responsibility to make sure everyone enjoys themselves while in the restaurant but this table was hard. They didn’t speak to each other at all and if they did, it was only to snap at each other. I have never been so happy to see 2 people leave.

Location: Miami, USA

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Restaurant Feast or Famine

I was serving in a fine dining establishment in the Caribbean. It had been a pretty quiet Outside Restaurant Pationight and, since I was the closer, every one else got cut early. At about 8pm the restaurant started to fill – it was every servers worst nightmare. In the span of 20 minutes, I got sat 3 – 6 tops, 5 – 2 tops and god knows how many 4-tops (at that point, it didn’t matter). What made it worse was that everyone seemed to want bottles of wine, to ask questions and to chat. One of the owners was still hanging out at the bar and thankfully came to help me out. It was a long 2 hours, but I made it through and no one died. Thank god for automatic grat :)

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